Everything You Need To Know About Car Detailing

Today, car detailing is becoming very popular.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is a process in polishing, cleaning and protecting all of the parts of a car. They use specialized products and tools in car detailing and these are not the same as those that they use in cleaning cars.

Car body repairs and paint jobs are not part of the task of a car detailer, but there are certain instances when they can perform light restoration such as clear coat wet sanding, stone chip touch ups and more. The main task of car detailing is to restore and improve the paintwork of a car. They make sure that like scratches are eliminated. Before they detail the car, it needs to thoroughly washed and cleaned so it will eliminate any kind of contaminants and dirt. Read more great facts on  Car Detailing Carlsbad, click here. 

How is car detailing actually done?

The first thing that they will do is to foam the exterior of the car in order for the dirt to soften up. They use a soft detailing bristled brush while the car is soaked in foam. After brushing they will thoroughly rinse off the foam on the extrior of the car. The most contaminated part of a car are the wheels so they make sure that they are all properly cleaned. They make use of wheel cleaners and specialized brushes so they can eliminate dirt that are found in the wheel, archers, rears of the wheel, suspension parts and even in brake calipers. Once everything is thoroughly cleaned they will then watch the paintwork with soft micro fibre towels and plush mitts. They use grit guards and the two bucket technique to prevent any scratches and damages. It usually takes two hours to complete the washing process, however it can be adjusted depending on the condition and size of the car. Please view this site  http://brightsidedetail.net/car-washing-detailing/self-service-car-wash/ for further details. 

The next step is that the paintwork will be clayed with a lubricant and an automotive clay bar. This will eliminate any bonded contaminants that can affect the polishing process. This step is very important.

The next step is the polishing process. They make use of a polishing machine in this step. These can take several hours to accomplish. This step requires a lot of effort and time.

Once the car is finish with the polishing process, next thing that they will do is to seal and protect the paintwork. They apply layers of sealant and wax so they can ensure its durability. Car detailing can really help in maintaining the original value of the car. Car detailing is cleaning, restoring, enhancing and protecting a car.